About Us

We are a small team based in Zagreb, Croatia, but with friends and colleagues spread around the region (Ljubljana, Belgrade), made of people interested in games and technology.

We take pride for the work we deliver and we enjoy developing the games we take pride in.

We are developers with decades of experience in mobile and PC/console games, with different engines like Unity and Unreal but also in native code and built from scratch. We also do our own animations and level designs as well as project and product management.

We can offer experience in monetization, analytics, core gameplay development, project management, level design and animation. We can also offer high-quality art, sound and music services via a network of our friends who are working with us.

Diesel Punks

“You are the keepers of this wrecked world. Scavenger heroes and outcasts. The skies are blood-red with toxic clouds casting threatening shadow of a Burning Skull cult across the dying lands. The weak depends on you, your handcrafted weapons and your spiked, fuel-guzzling stallions made of steel.

An enemy caravan is crossing the wastelands, carrying slaves, supplies and precious gasoline. You can smell the fuel, a smell sweeter than gold. You fire up the engine… because shooting up waves of incoming enemies with a friend by your side is even better when you have a power of your reliable 500 HP truck behind you.”

Diesel Punks is 2D single player and co-op action-shooter game with tower-defense and brawler mechanics. It features serious gameplay which is fun to play,  rich, cartoony hand drawn graphics, hub based exploration mechanics and linear storyline taking place in post-apocalyptic setting, reminiscent of dieselpunk movie and video game classics.

You take a role of outcast heroes, protecting the innocent and looting resources while blasting your way through wave after wave of enemies trying to steal and burn whatever they can. You will fight mutated animals, desert pirates, mutated zealots worshiping the cult of the Burning Skull and supernatural monsters created from toxic waste, radioactivity and pure cosmic evil.

Main features:

  • single-player or insane local co-op multiplayer (with up to 4 players)
  • fast-paced beat/shoot ‘em up arcade mechanics
  • hand-drawn, cartoony graphics, humorous scenes and non gore combat
  • action driven rock’n’roll soundtrack
  • tons of crazy enemies, bosses and NPCs
  • dozens of upgradeable weapons with ranged or melee attacks
  • customizable heroes and weapons
  • epic story settled in a rich post apocalyptic world

Coming Early 2020!